10 Creative Ways to Make Money from Designing Pinterest Wallpapers

Designing Pinterest wallpapers can be a fantastic chance for graphic designers with a knack for generating eye-catching designs to turn their hobby into a successful side business. As more people use digital spaces to express their personality and style, Pinterest wallpapers have grown in popularity in recent years. You have the capacity to produce spectacular and distinctive designs that can captivate a broad audience as a graphic designer. There are numerous methods to profit from your Pinterest wallpapers, regardless of your level of experience or whether you are just starting out. In this article, we’ll look at 10 original methods you can make money off of your designs and start doing what you love. We’ll cover all you need to know to get started on your path to becoming a paid Pinterest wallpaper designer, from selling your designs on multiple online marketplaces to providing custom designs to customers. Continue reading to learn the various ways you can make money from designing Pinterest wallpapers, whether you’re wanting to supplement your income or convert your hobby into a full-time business.

Pinterest Wallpapers

Understanding Pinterest Wallpapers

Let’s first discuss what Pinterest wallpapers are before getting into how to monetize them. Pinterest wallpapers are digital images that users may pin to their Pinterest boards as a method to find inspiration for their interests, hobbies, and lifestyles. Pinterest is a visual discovery and bookmarking tool used by millions of people. One of the most common ways for users to customize their boards and curate their personal style is by using Pinterest backgrounds. Users can use these wallpapers as backgrounds or covers for their boards by pinning them as digital photos.They resemble desktop wallpapers but were made expressly to fit Pinterest boards’ sizes. Users can express their personality and sense of style through the usage of Pinterest backgrounds, which can be anything from beautiful landscapes to abstract patterns to inspirational quotations. Users can advertise their businesses, goods, or services using Pinterest wallpapers. They can also make their own wallpapers to sell to other users. Pinterest wallpapers have developed into a lucrative niche for graphic designers and other creatives eager to monetize their expertise and passion thanks to the growth of digital media and the appeal of visual material.They furnish their rooms. These pictures can be anything, such as motivational sayings, breathtaking landscapes, or abstract designs.

Creating Your Pinterest Wallpaper Designs

To start making money from designing Pinterest wallpapers, you’ll need to create some designs. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1-Choose a Niche

One of the best ways to stand out in the crowded Pinterest wallpaper market is to choose a niche. This could be anything from motivational quotes to vintage floral patterns to modern geometric designs. By focusing on a specific niche, you can create designs that appeal to a specific audience and build a loyal following.

2-Use High-Quality Images

Pinterest is a visual platform, so it’s important to use high-quality images for your designs. You can use stock photos or create your own images using tools like Canva or Adobe Photoshop.

3-Keep It Simple

Pinterest wallpapers should be simple and easy to read. Avoid using too many colors or complex designs that can be distracting.

4-Optimize for Pinterest

To ensure that your designs are visible on Pinterest, you’ll need to optimize them for the platform. This includes using the right dimensions (800 x 1200 pixels is the recommended size), adding a description with relevant keywords, and using hashtags.

Designing Pinterest Wallpapers

10 Creative Ways to Make Money from Designing Pinterest Wallpapers

Now that you have some designs ready, let’s explore 10 creative ways to make money from them:

1-Sell on Etsy

Etsy is a popular platform for selling handmade and vintage items, including Pinterest wallpapers. You can set up an Etsy shop and list your designs for sale. Be sure to include high-quality images and detailed descriptions to attract buyers.

2-Offer Custom Designs

Many people are willing to pay for custom Pinterest wallpapers that are tailored to their specific preferences. You can offer custom designs through your own website or on freelancing platforms like Fiverr or Upwork.

3-Sell on Print-on-Demand Sites

Print-on-demand sites like Redbubble and Society6 allow you to upload your designs and sell them as products like phone cases, mugs, and pillows. This can be a great way to reach a wider audience and make more money from your designs.

4-Create a Subscription Service

If you have a loyal following, you can create a subscription service where users pay a monthly fee to receive exclusive access to your latest designs. This can be a great way to generate recurring income and build a community around your designs.

5-Offer Design Services to Bloggers and Influencers

Many bloggers and influencers use Pinterest to promote their content, and they often need high-quality Pinterest wallpapers to accompany their posts. You can offer your design services to these individuals and charge a fee for each design.

6-Collaborate with Brands

Brands are always looking for ways to promote their products on social media, and Pinterest wallpapers can be a great way to do so. You can collaborate with brands by creating custom designs that promote their products or services.

7-Create an Online Course

If you have a talent for designing Pinterest wallpapers, you can create an online course to teach others how to do the same. This can be a great way to share your knowledge and expertise while making money at the same time.

8-Host Workshops or Webinars

Another way to share your expertise is to host in-person or virtual workshops or webinars. You can teach others how to create Pinterest wallpapers and offer personalized feedback on their designs.

9-Sell Templates

If you have a collection of designs that can be easily customized, you can sell them as templates. This can be a great way to generate passive income and reach a wider audience.

10 -Create a YouTube Channel

YouTube is a great platform for sharing tutorials and building a following. You can create a YouTube channel where you share your design process and offer tips and advice for creating Pinterest wallpapers.


Designing Pinterest wallpapers can be a fun and profitable way to make money as a graphic designer. Whether you choose to sell your designs on Etsy, offer custom designs to clients, or create a subscription service, there are many opportunities to monetize your talent. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this article, you can turn your passion fordesign into a successful side hustle or even a full-time job.


  • What software should I use to create Pinterest wallpapers?
    There are many software options available for creating Pinterest wallpapers, including Canva, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator.
  • Do I need to have a website to sell my designs?
    While having a website can be helpful, it’s not necessary to sell your designs. You can use platforms like Etsy or freelancing sites to sell your designs.
  • How much should I charge for my designs?
    The price you charge for your designs will depend on a variety of factors, including the complexity of the design, your level of experience, and the demand for your designs. Researching what other designers are charging for similar designs can give you a good idea of what to charge.
  • How can I promote my designs on Pinterest?
    To promote your designs on Pinterest, you can use relevant keywords in your descriptions and hashtags, join group boards related to your niche, and share your designs on social media.
  • How do I know what niche to choose for my designs?
    Choosing a niche for your designs will depend on your personal interests and what you are passionate about. Consider what types of designs you enjoy creating and what type of audience you want to target.


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